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Q: I have never seen a companion before, what should I know?

A: I am including a link with helpful information that should be able to assist you in answering your questions. If you have other questions, feel free to contact me, and I will do my best to answer them. Please keep in mind I will never answer anything illegal, graphic or degrading. NEWBIES GUIDE.

Q: Are your rates negotiable?

A: No. My rates are not negotiable.

Q: Are your gift rates all-inclusive?

A: Tips or additional gifts are never anticipated for our time together. If you are the type of gentleman who chooses to bequest me with anything further it will be of your own desire, and always very much appreciated by me.

Q: What do I do with the donation?

A: Kindly place it in plain view in an unsealed envelope. I would appreciate no mention of it for I would not want business to get in the way of pleasure.

Q: Do you screen your clientele?

A: Short answer yes. Any attempt to Jedi Mind Trick your way out of it will most likely convince me we are not compatible as a true gentleman would want me to feel at ease in meeting him. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being screened, I ask that you please donít contact me.

Q: What hours are you available?

A: My schedule varies. Please contact me with a convenient time for your schedule in mind.

Q: What kind of clientele do you enjoy spending time with?

A: Respectful, not hygienically challenged, friendly with his toothbrush, discreet, knows how to treat a lady and who is as interested in making a connection as I am. I also believe that gentlemen who visit me with a go with the flow mentality versus one filled with expectations always result in a better experience.

Q: Do you offer overnight packages?

A: I feel that it is too much pressure on both sides to commit to such a long time frame together until we have a good comfort level, so I will only offer this package to gentlemen I have spent time with previously.

Q: Will you dress in a specific manner for me?

A: If you have an attire request please do not hesitate to ask. If I can accommodate you I will do so. I am most comfortable in my own skin and always dress to impress. I will not do anything that makes me feel ill at ease.

Q: Do you cater to fetishes, role playing or domination?

A: No.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: No. It is a cash transaction only.

Q: Do you visit with couples?

A: At this time I do not visit with couples.

Q: Are the photos on your site truly you?

A: Yes, and recent.

Q: Will you send more explicit information or photos to me?

A: I never send out additional photos or explicit information and if it is requested I most likely will not respond.

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